The winner of this year's Noted Fellowship is Ben Corrigan with his extraordinary podcast "excuse the mess"!

"I'm so grateful to have been selected for Noted Fellowship. Having met the wonderful team behind it, the prospect of working with these brilliant mentors fills me with much joy and excitement. My project, a music podcast called 'excuse the mess', will benefit in so many ways from this fellowship; improving its overall quality, reaching wider audiences whilst also broadening my own skills and knowledge of how the industry functions beyond the art itself."
[Ben Corrigan]
What is the Noted Fellowship?

Classical music creative agency, WildKat PR, is offering a fellowship scheme for up-and-coming talent in arts administration. This fellowship has been created as a way of offering financial support, opportunities and mentorship within the industry.

The idea is to customise the fellowship around the recipients’ individual needs, in order to maximise their full potential and impact on the industry.

The fellowship will also include placements with WildKat’s various partners including festivals, concert halls, orchestras, artist management agencies, and more.

You will receive:

  • Support to implement your personal idea or project in a way that will help shake up the classical music industry and/or cultural sector
  • Knowledge and experience of PR, via WildKat PR
  • Creation of digital/print assets with the help of Classical Music Design
  • Free access to selected industry events and networking functions
  • Personalised mentorship
  • A minimum of 5000€ to help fund your project
"Everyone should endorse enthusiasm for new ideas from new talent in the entertainment world and I'm proud to add my support."
– Jasper Hope, CEO of Dubai Opera
Who can apply for the Noted Fellowship?

This fellowship aims to support visionaries. Are you an emerging young innovator who will help bring about positive, ground-breaking change to the classical music industry? Are you striving to stay innovative within an existing organisation? Do you want to set up something completely new?

You can apply if… are from Germany or the UK, and currently studying or working in the classical music or cultural sector. This includes (but is not limited to):

We will not make decisions based on personal background, ethnicity or gender. We simply want to identify individuals whose work and vision excite us, and whose ideas compel us to support and help implement.

Why does the classical music industry need another fellowship?

Kathleen Alder, founder of WildKat PR and Noted, has identified interesting trends within the classical music industry. She has found that there are well-established opportunities for financial support, encouragement and mentorship for the next big thing and for prominent young artists. There is very little support for people who have fresh ideas and are innovating off stage. Kathleen also discovered that it is largely people who have been in the industry for 20+ years that typically supporting a prodigy. While their experience is undoubtedly valuable, she feels that there is a gap in the market for someone to attract new audiences and to keep the industry alive through the engagement of pioneering arts administrators.

The success of bringing together innovative ideas, new technology, and young minds is what has contributed to the prominence of WildKat PR, now firmly established as one of the key agencies in the performing arts sector. With the Noted Fellowship, Kathleen aims to inspire and support a new generation of diverse and creative cultural leaders.

"I am thrilled to be working with Noted as a mentor to young people involved in the creative industries. I hope that my years of experience working with a diverse range of artists will enable me to support the next generation of music managers, administrators and PRs as they develop their careers."
– Matthias Röder, Managing Director of the Karajan Institute

Successful recipients of the fellowship will work with the following supporters and collaborators:

"Noted has the unique opportunity to contribute to the massive shift in arts management. The classical music industry is just at the beginning of the digital revolution. Shape the path of its future."
– Bernhard Kerres, CEO of Hello Stage
Winner of Noted Fellowship 2017/18

Ben Corrigan wowed the panel with his classical music podcast excuse the mess..

"We chose Ben Corrigan as this year's winner because his podcast has an innovative and cogent approach to the realities and difficulties of the classical music market today. It is entertaining, intellectually demanding and whets the appetite for classical and contemporary music. I am very pleased to work alongside his project in the coming year."
Carolin Denz - Director, Noted Fellowship

Ben Corrigan’s podcast is unique in the classical music market. Not only does he invite composers to talk about their new works and discuss their opinions on the classical music industry, but he joins them in composing a completely new piece of music “off the cuff” at the end of each episode.

Every aspect of the project is professionally executed by Corrigan himself - from the conceptual design of each individual podcast, right down to the recording, production and more technical elements. He has already released the first series of the podcast and will soon be revealing some shorter bonus episodes, titled ‘Extra Mess'. Corrigan’s goal is to publish an album featuring the compositions created on-air in 2018, before starting the next big round of recording for series 2 in 2019!

With the support, help and input of selected mentors from Noted Fellowship, Corrigan will further develop his content and structure for both his podcast and album. Furthermore, he will receive €5,000 in financial support from Noted.

Winners of Noted Fellowship 2015

Burak Arslan and Luca Beisel of Young Music Lab

Burak Arslan is an alumnus of the Fulbright Diversity Initiative and studied Philosophy and Theatre Studies in Berlin and Istanbul. Burak is involved in efforts to promote integration and educational equality. Luca Beisel is a music producer and studied art history and graphic design for smaller businesses and academia. Burak and Luca have founded the project named Young Music Lab:

The Berlin-based Young Music Lab aims to increase social mobility by making it possible for every young person to explore digital music production, and produce a classical music track inspired by the accessibility of electronica and other popular genres. Young Music Lab wants to bring together young people from different ethnic and social backgrounds by introducing them to classical music in an accessible way.
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Johannes Weidner

Johannes Weidner is a student from the Hochschule for Music, Theatre and Media in Hannover. Johannes has been awarded a Noted fellowship due to his innovative approach to improving the arts management sector by way of advancing app and mobile technology.

Carolin Denz, Director Noted Fellowship

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