The performing arts industry needs more than just artists...

What is the Noted Roundtables?

The Noted Roundtables are an international series which looks to bring about change in the performing arts industry through discussion and implementation. We want to generate new solutions to industry problems, not just with our own industry members and artists, but with brand leaders from different fields, and also—most importantly—the audience!

Each Roundtable will tour three cities (London, Berlin, and New York) to discuss the individual topics with participants relevant to each territory. They will be hosted by local organisations and we will ensure a lively mix of voices including artists and industry members, classical music fans and complete novices.

After the first series of Roundtables (which will take place throughout 2017-18) we will publish a full report on our findings, which will be available to industry members and participants.

Why does the classical music industry need another Roundtable?

We know there are plenty of discussions, events, and panels about the state of the performing arts industry, but it often feels like we don't actually put these ideas into practice. The Roundtables will bring together a unique combination of stakeholders on an equal footing, regardless of whether they are a Chief Executive or a classical music sceptic.

We believe this intimate setting will provoke uninhibited thinking and the generation of truly radical solutions for our sector.

Previous Roundtables

How to attract the entrepreneurial type to the performing arts industry.

9 November 2017, Le Poisson Rouge, New York
28 November 2017, PRS for Music
13 December 2017, silent green Kulturquartier

Take Part

Follow the links to apply to upcoming Roundtables:
Berlin - Monday 12th March 2018
London - Wednesday 14th March 2018